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Logo E-Newsletter, Dec. 16, 2021
Parts You Want Are Out of Stock - Use The Wish List
December 16, 2021 - Did you know that we have implemented a "Wish List" feature on the MTH Parts and Sales website? The wish list function allows us to notify you when out-of-stock items you are interested in purchasing become available again.

For instance, if you’re looking for Proto-Sound 3.0 Diesel Boards (currently listed as out of stock) simply enter the quantity you wish to purchase in the cart quantity field and click the ADD button. When the pop-up window advising you the part is out of stock appears, simply enter your email address and click NOTIFY ME. When the Proto-Sound 3.0 Diesel Board returns to inventory you will be notified by email that the item is back in stock and available for purchase.

The wish list works for every out-of-stock item on the site and eliminates the need to constantly revisit the site to check on an item's inventory status. It's a great way to stay abreast of highly sought-after parts, like electronics that come in and out of stock. In fact, if you are in need of electronics for your MTH products we encourage you to wish list the items you need as it helps us gauge market demand. Below are some examples of electonics exploded view part lists containing our Proto-Sound 3/2 stacker boards and production Proto-Sound 3.0 boards.

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New Part Arrivals This Week
  • DC0000024 WHEEL & AXLE ASSEMBLY/HIGH RAIL/W/HELICAL GEAR/44 TONER/NO TRACTION TIRES - These are designed to replace the innermost wheel & axle assembly on 44 Tonners to improve ground pickup through switches (2 required per locomotive)
  • BD0000108 PICK UP SPRING WIRE/W/BROWN WIRE/3/2 FEATURE TRUCKS - These are the pick-up wires for the 3/2 feature diesel trucks. Works on ALL 3/2 feature diesel trucks
New Parts Resources Now Available
December 16, 2021 - In an effort to make it even easier to service your M.T.H. trains and accessories, M.T.H.'s parts division has created a host of support documents that make obtaining replacement parts quick and easy.

These new resources include an updated traction tire chart that is now online to ensure your M.T.H. locomotives will continue to perform the industry-leading tractive effort you've come to expect.

New Exploded View Part Lists
We organize our part lists based on mechanical parts & electronic parts. Every model has (or will have) two (and sometimes 3) exploded view lists. You are given the option to choose the list you wish to view for each model.

The electronic list includes tethers, drawbars, specific Protosound boards, lights, LEDs, couplers, smoke units & smoke unit components, etc.

A mechanical part list includes all of the pieces that comprise a specific model; screws, drive blocks, linkages, side frames, etc.

Check out the list below of Premier Diesel Locomotives that now have all-new parts lists. To begin searching for those lists, click HERE.

BL-2 Diesel (PS 1 Only)
Dash-9 Diesel (PS 1 only)
DL-109 (PS 1 only)
E-8 ABA (PS 1 only)
GP-7 & GP-9 (PS2-5V only)
GP38-2 (PS2-5V only)
M10000 Set
M10000 Intermediate Coach
SD70MAC (PS 1 only)

Lamp & LED Lists
Did you know that we have compiled a list of incandescent lamps and LEDs used in all of our products to make it easier for you to search for what you need? Visit our Exploded View diagram section of the website and type in these keywords found in each of the below guides:

These guides contain the key part numbers for each type of lamp and/or LED.

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Support Videos
We've collected our tutorials and How-To videos and put them in one convenient place.

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Proto-Smoke Fluid In-Stock On The MTH Parts Site

MTH Parts & Sales LLC has a variety of Proto-Smoke Fluid now in-stock and ready-to-ship in 7oz and 50ml bottles in the below scents. You can order any of these scents by going to the MTH Parts and Sales smoke fluid page.

7-ounce Bottles
60-1045 - Unscented
60-1046 - Christmas
60-1047 - Coal

50ml Bottles
60-1051A - Christmas
60-1051B - Coal
60-1051C - Diesel
60-1051D - Wood Burning
60-1051E - Coffee
60-1051G - Vanilla
60-1051H - Candy Cane
60-1051J - Pipe Smoke
60-1051K - Cinnamon
60-1051L - Apple Pie
60-1051M - Unscented
60-1051N - Lemon

You can order any of these scents by going to the MTH Parts and Sales smoke fluid page.

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