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Logo E-Newsletter, Jan. 20, 2022
Happy New Year
January 20, 2022 - As you are likely aware we are creating new part lists every month. This is an exhaustive process to ensure we compile the correct parts per each locomotive type and clearly describe the decoration on each part. When searching exploded view diagrams you can enter the product number of the item you are looking for or you can enter a wheel configuration (i.e. 4-8-8-4, 4-6-2, 4-8-4 or a locomotive type; Hudson, Pacific, Mohawk, etc.,). This search will return all the part lists for a particular locomotive, providing it has been completed and posted to the site.

Something to keep in mind is that we include parts for PS-1, PS2, and PS3 variants on the same list. So be sure to read the part descriptions carefully, so as not to order a tender truck made for a Protosound 3 model (with chains) for your Protosound 1 model. This is another reason why every part in the system has its own unique photograph.

Let’s assume for a moment you are waiting for a part list to be completed for a model that you own and you need to find a part sooner. You can search our entire parts inventory by going to Search Service Parts. When performing a search for a specific part be sure to use very broad terms. For instance, if you are looking for a side frame for a diesel locomotive start with basic terms; SIDE FRAME (then click the search button). This search will yield 525 different parts. Now use the filter field (just above the results displayed below) to find the side frame you are looking for. For instance; (in the filter field) type "GP". This will filter the results to 22 different parts, where you can look at the photos of each part to narrow down which one you are looking for.

Here is another example, let’s suppose you were searching for a part for a motorized aquarium car. To begin, click on the "SHOP" button at the top of the page OR click on the blue "SEARCH AGAIN" button. Starting with a broad search topic enter "AQUARIUM" and click search. This will return 26 results. You can filter the results for "DRIVE BELT" or "GEAR BOX", etc. to reduce the size of the returned list. When starting your search with a specific product type (in this instance AQUARIUM) you will see all the individual parts that make up an aquarium Car. The same broad search term could be "MCDONALD" to see all the parts that comprise the RailKing McDonald’s accessories. Whenever possible try to avoid apostrophes or characters other than letters or numbers. The simpler the initial search term the better.

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New Part Arrivals Next Week
January 20, 2022 - A selection of new and old parts will be available for sale beginning next week.  You'll find the list of the parts by visiting our New Parts Arrival page HERE.

New Exploded View Part Lists
We organize our part lists based on mechanical parts & electronic parts. Every model has (or will have) two (and sometimes 3) exploded view lists. You are given the option to choose the list you wish to view for each model.

The electronic list includes tethers, drawbars, specific Protosound boards, lights, LEDs, couplers, smoke units & smoke unit components, etc.

A mechanical part list includes all of the pieces that comprise a specific model; screws, drive blocks, linkages, side frames, etc.

Check out the list below of Premier Freight Cars that now have all-new parts lists. To begin searching for those lists, click HERE.

8,000 Gallon Tank Car
Coil Car
Extended Vision Caboose
Flat Car
Freight Trucks (standard coupler length)
N-8 Caboose
Steel Caboose

Freight and Passenger Truck Reference Charts
We have recently compiled two quick reference charts for all Railking & Premier rolling stock and passenger cars showing the part number of the truck used on these cars. These documents are available for download under the USEFUL STUFF & VIDEOS section of the site.

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While not actual junk, these one-of-a-kind parts are excellent for scratch building and more.

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We've collected our tutorials and How-To videos and put them in one convenient place.

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Proto-Smoke Fluid In-Stock On The MTH Parts Site

MTH Parts & Sales LLC has a variety of Proto-Smoke Fluid now in-stock and ready-to-ship in 7oz and 50ml bottles in the below scents. You can order any of these scents by going to the MTH Parts and Sales smoke fluid page.

7-ounce Bottles
60-1045 - Unscented
60-1046 - Christmas
60-1047 - Coal

50ml Bottles
60-1051A - Christmas
60-1051B - Coal
60-1051C - Diesel
60-1051D - Wood Burning
60-1051E - Coffee
60-1051G - Vanilla
60-1051H - Candy Cane
60-1051J - Pipe Smoke
60-1051K - Cinnamon
60-1051L - Apple Pie
60-1051M - Unscented
60-1051N - Lemon

You can order any of these scents by going to the MTH Parts and Sales smoke fluid page.

Traction Tires Now Available

Visit MTH Parts & Sales LLC for the latest list of available traction tires. You'll find that list by going HERE.

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